What is this site?

The truth is that you've stumbled upon a page that really isn't meant to be looked at all that much.  I mean, I'm glad you're here, but the real site that you should be looking at is The British History Podcast.

That's my baby.

Why am I still here?

That's the big question, isn't it?  It's doubtful that you'll learn anything groundbreaking here, and yet you're still here reading these little blurbs.

Should I stay?

Probably not, but that's your call.  Maybe you're enjoying the snark of this page.  Personally, I'd head over to The British History Podcast

But that's just me.


Still here, huh?

Well, my name is Jamie.  Hi.

I'm a former lawyer and current podcaster.  I was born in the UK but now I live in Portland, Oregon.

I'm a pretty stereotypical Portland dude who loves IPAs, Thai food, and coffee.  I even had a cattle dog named Kerouac.

The rest of the stuff that you might want to know about me can be learned by checking out my podcast.  Are we seeing a theme here?


Next Steps...